frequently asked questions


How do you size your leashes?

Our leashes are sized as Small, Medium, and Large. This pertains to the thickness of the rope!

All of our leashes are approximately 5 feet in length and the measurements of our rope is as follows:

Small - 1/4" 

Medium - 3/8" 

Large -  1/2" 


What do you use to dye your rope?

We use a synthetic dye on our ropes. We're in the process of mastering an all natural dyeing technique for some newer leashes, but in the mean time if you're concerned about a dyed one we recommend going with one of our raw cotton options! 

Monkey's Paw - Trio - Option2.JPG

where do you get your rope?

We source all of our rope from Canada, we love that our products are all handmade up here in the North!